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Carrie Wilbur

On this site you’re going to find the most recent strategies for purchasing, rehabbing, and reselling houses in today’s market.  I am not talking about the market of 2006.  I mean the year 2013!  You have just found the industry’s leading source for all the tips and tricks of the trade from one of the nations’s top real estate investors.

Carrie Wilbur has bought, rehabbed and sold real estate in multiple states over the past several years using various strategies.  Since right now is the best time to capitalize in this down market, Carrie will show you how to make amazing profits on each deal and how to avoid the pitfalls that so many investors endure. Without her real estate coaching you could cost yourself a lot more time and money than is necessary.

2013 has presented a “perfect storm” of opportunity for real estate investors who have hung up their rehabbing hats for the past few years and are itching to get back into it.  Maybe you have been wholesaling REOs or flipping short sales  for the last couple of years.  (Not fun, huh?)  Carrie has been there too.  Because the market has begun to stabilize, private money is much more prevalent, and the distressed houses are ripe for the picking, there has never been a better time than right now for rehabbing houses for serious profits!

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